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Academy of Ballet offers superior instruction and fun for kids of all ages.

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Beginning through Advanced.  All levels emphasize technique, choreography, and performance quality.  Students perform in a Ballet Classic at the Covey Center for the Arts annually.  Learn More

Irish Dance

What is Irish dancing? Irish dancing is a form of cultural dance that originated in Ireland hundreds of years ago. It is rich in tradition and ethnicity. This form of dance does not use arms and hands. Dancers perform intricate movements with their feet while holding their upper bodies straight and tall.Learn More

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is an expressive dance form that combines elements of different dance genres, including modern, jazz and ballet. Contemporary dance stresses improvisation and versatility. Dancers focus on floorwork and use gravity to pull them down to the floor.Learn More

Jazz Dance

Jazz dancing has become very popular in recent years because it is so full of energy and fun. It uses unique moves, fancy footwork, quick turns and big leaps. Jazz dance helps all dancers with coordination.Learn More

Tap Dance

Tap dancing is lively and energetic. Dancers wear special shoes equipped with metal taps and it makes a sound when their feet move. Arms and upper bodies are used to blend jazz and ballet moves into tap routines.Learn More

Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dance is a social dance that is performed by couples. It is  elegant, beautiful, and dramatic. Couples move around the floor in a counter-clockwise rotation and they move using prescribed steps that will be learned in class.Learn More

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